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Key Aspects of Employment & Labour Law in Germany


Executives and line managers who have no knowledge or only basic knowledge of German Employment law and industrial relations


Even an excellent leader has to have a certain legal background to avoid costly court cases and to create a larger employee satisfaction. She/he needs an early warning system that tells them to seek advice from the HR Department. Participants will gain basic knowledge both of employment and labour law (Betriebsverfassung).


  • Principles of German Employment law
    • The role of employment law within the legal system in Germany
    • The hierarchy of German employment law
  • Individual labour law
    • Discrimination-free recruitment process
    • The basis of any employment and the employment contract
    • Employee or freelance worker?
    • The specific situation of agency workers
    • Fixed term employment
    • Rights and duties of employees and employer
    • Supervisor’s right to give directions: empowerment and delegation
    • Disciplining process
    • Termination process: notice period, authorization, letter of reference
  • Rights and obligations ensuing from the employment relationship
    • Anti-discrimination legislation and jurisprudence
    • Part time employment
    • Working hours as per collective agreement and hours of work act
    • Holiday entitlement and holiday schedule as per Federal Vacation Act
    • Data protection, data security and monitoring: internet and email use by employees
    • Employee issues during the course of the due diligence exercise
    • Maternity leave and parental leave
    • Nursing care
  • Collective Labour Law
    • Betriebsrat involvement: role, tasks and rights of the works council


Lecture, discussions, case studies